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Live Roulette Action at Vulkan Vegas Casino

In addition to the wide range of software-based roulette games that we have to offer, we’ve also included a number of live dealer games. If you fancy the thrills, excitement and lifelike feel of a land-based casino, then our live dealer games are the right match for you!

Using futuristic video streaming technology, live games have real dealers – just as they appear at the land-based establishments – who spin the roulette wheel. While playing the live roulette games, you’ll be interacting one on one with the dealers through a live video feed. This implies that you’ll get to see the roulette wheel spin in real time and the game results happening in real time – no random number generators involved.

To play live dealer games at Vulkan Vegas Casino, all you need to do is click on the ‘Live Casino’ button on our home page and pick the game you’d like to enjoy. Take note that all our live dealer games are only available for play with real money.

History of Roulette

The name “roulette” may trace its origins from French, meaning ‘Little Wheel’, but there’s nothing small about the winning opportunities and entertainment that this game offers its players 24/7.

Roulette was originally found in Europe and was exclusive to the European nobility. However, with time, the game has come to be enjoyed by everyone. And with the advent of the internet and other technological advancements, it’s easier to play it than ever before.

Roulette might be less exclusive and more widespread than it used to be in the past, but it hasn’t lost its elegance. Although its wheel might look incredibly sophisticated, the game is actually very easy to learn. Furthermore, its rewards are massive when compared to other table games.

It’s a known fact that the online version of roulette might be slightly slower paced as you must watch and wait as the wheel of fortune dictates where the roulette ball will land. However, the online version is still far much faster than the game offered in land-based casinos. This comes with a huge added benefit to the massive rewards and entertainment – players can enjoy more rounds within a short time. The result is more enjoyment and bigger winning opportunities.

Whether it’s the hypnotic allure of the whirling wheel and the white ball or the thrill of leaving the fate of your bet down to chance, we can all agree that roulette is a popular game among players at Vulkan Vegas.

  1. One of the things that draw players is that you don’t need to have any special skills or pre-exposure to enjoy the gameplay. This means that a newbie can win as much money as any seasoned pro on any spin. It’s accurately this excitement that makes roulette such a hit with our thrill-seeking guests.
  2. The graphics, the massive odds on the straight bet and fairness – all add to the thrill of playing online roulette at Vulkan Vegas Casino.
  3. Furthermore, we want all our players to grips with the working mechanism of the game, which is why we have the free-to-play version. You can always enjoy this game for free, experiencing all the thrills of real money session and only let you commit real cash when you are ready!

Simple, Stylish and Easy to Use Live Casino Lobby

Vulkan Vegas has made it easy to play one of the world’s most loved game live. The live dealer lobby has all the features you need to make the gaming experience smooth. In fact, immediately you land on the homepage, you’ll realize that sleek gaming is only a few clicks away.

Navigate your way to your favourite live dealer roulette using various controls. Use the ‘search’ feature to hunt down your favourite game. Alternatively, click on the Live Casino button and choose whether you’d like to play NetEnt, Ezugi or Evolution Gaming live roulette games.

Feature-rich Live Dealer Gaming

Signing up at our casino gives you access to all sorts of useful features of the Vulkan Vegas roulette games. Some of the options that you are bound to come across on the interface include Settings, Full Screen, Sound Off, Show Chat, History and Help.

Clicking on the revolutionary ‘Show Chat’ button will quickly open the live chat window. This popup window enables you to chat with the croupiers as well as the other players seated at the table. We don’t have to remind you that the ‘Sound Off’ button will turn off all the game sounds.

Gain instant access to the general, wide and bet behind features by clicking on the ‘Settings’ button. Our games also have a feature that lets you view your account history. This can be achieved by clicking on the ‘History’ button. If you are unsure about the game’s rules and objectives, click on the “Help” button.

How Does Online Roulette Work?

As we’ve already mentioned, online roulette happens to be one of the easiest games to play online. It doesn’t require any skill or strategic thinking to play. This means that players of all levels will be thrilled by the elegant and sophisticated entertainment Vulkan Vegas roulette offers. Newbies should be able to master this game in a short period of time.

  • To play online roulette at Vulkan Vegas Casino, you need to sign up. Click on the green ‘Sign Up’ button and follow the on-screen instructions, make your initial deposit (if you wish to play real money games) and select the game.
  • When betting on roulette, you have one main objective – to correctly predict the slot that you think the roulette ball will land in. It’s up to you to choose between red, black, odd, even, single or a group of numbers. After that, click on the spin button to get the wheel spinning. Now it’s up to Lady Luck to determine whether you are a winner or not.
  • Should the ball land in the slot you predicted, you are a winner, and Vulkan Vegas will pay out the winnings depending on the odds and the amount wagered.

Take note that we are a free casino and we welcome our players to use any strategy that they may have to increase their winning chances. The only thing that we don’t accept is the use of bots to predict the outcome of a spin. Any player discovered to be using a bot will automatically be disqualified!

Why Choose Vulkan Vegas Casino?

Here at Vulkan Vegas Casino, we’ve always taken pride in offering first class online casino gaming to all our visitors. Whether you are playing for real money or for fun, rest assured that you’ll get only the best services.

  • With our recognized and trusted name, top of the line customer support services, unrivalled security and collaboration with cream of the crop in the industry, we guarantee you that very few can offer you services like what we have. In fact, we can count the number of providers that can give you the feel of a real land-based casino.
  • However, unlike your favourite land-based casino, we are not limited by space. Which is why we are capable to offer you a wide range of online roulette games that you can enjoy on your tablet, mobile or PC.
  • Therefore, whether you are taking full advantage of our generous welcome or participating in our promotions, we will ensure that you have a little something on the side – on the house.
  • Naturally, any bonus money that you are eligible for can easily be claimed and used to enjoy online Vulkan Vegas roulette. This allows you to hit the ground running and win some massive cash prizes!

A Few Online Roulette Tips to Get You Going

Before you can start playing, there’s something that we have to get straight – even though the game of roulette doesn’t require you to have any skill, there are a few strategies that you can use to increase your winning chances. In some cases, the difference between winning and losing can come down to something as simple as knowing the best bets to place.

This is the reason why we provide the free-to-play roulette version. Play all our software-based online roulette games free of charge and get a perfect strategy to help you place bets.

As you do this, remember that Vulkan Vegas roulette games don’t have any memory. Just because you’ve landed a few red spins doesn’t imply that red is the best bet.

Our games are totally fair, and the results are randomized using the RNG software. This software ensures that the outgoing result is totally independent of the outgoing spin.

Enjoy Roulette on the Go

If you feel like it’s about time to play online roulette – be it from the comfort of your office, at home, or on your way to work, you can access the game through your tablet or mobile device. Vulkan Vegas Casino is one of the leading casinos online, and we have since established ourselves as the destination of choice for all new and avid roulette fans.

Creating an account is easy, and we will do whatever it takes to ensure that you spend more time playing and less time worrying. Our customer support team is always available – round the clock through the live chat, and we will be glad to offer any help. So why not join us and have the Vegas experience that you’ve been looking for?